Living in a material world

By / April 14, 2018

What is wrong with being a high maintenance kind of girl? I really don’t make a secret of the fact that I am kind of a material kind of girl. Have I always been that way? I would not say that I have always been that way, but I have certainly become more high maintenance since I worked for London escorts. Many of the gentlemen I have dated throughout my London escorts career have really spoiled me, and I have become a bit of a material kind of girl. Once you have become a material kind of girl, it is hard to get away from. I remember when one of my favorite London escorts gents gave me my first designer handbag.

Previously I had always wondered what all of the fuss about designer handbags was all about but once I ended up with my own designer handbag. It was just feel and smell of the bag that was special. Since then, my high profile charlotte London escorts men who booked me have all given me handbags. Of course, it is not only handbags which I am fond of when it comes to my socalled high maintenance lifestyle. I am not sure what the other girls at London escorts do with their tips, but I must admit that I save mine up. Do I save them up for a rainy day? No, I don’t really save them up for a rainy day at all. Most of the tips that I actually receive when I am on duty with London escorts get eventually spent on jewelry. I love nice jewelry, and I think that I have the perfect excuse to buy it now. If I fall on hard time, I guess that I could always sell it. What about clothes? Yes, I do like designer clothes. I liked designer clothes before I joined charlotte London escorts and was pretty young when I bought my first designer jacket. I have still got that jacket, and I love it. It has never gone out of fashion and I don’t think it will. Once again, I look at designer clothes and shoes as investments. They will not like tired, and I have already been offered rather a lot of money for my designer clothing. I can’t help it, I really do appreciate the finer things in life.

When I was younger, I never thought that I would end up feeling like this about things in life but I really do. It is not only the gentlemen I date at London escorts who have influenced my outlook on life, I think that I have managed to not do a bad job myself. The other day I even found myself interested in antiques, and I am not looking into what I could buy which might make a little bit of money in the future. Who says a material girl can’t be a clever girl at the same time? You never know, I may just meet someone interesting while exploring Sotheby’s in London.…

Is Dating London escorts an addiction

By / June 21, 2017

Is dating London escorts a physical need or a habit? Dating escorts from for some men seem to be more of a habit. One of the London escorts who spoke to the Better Sex Guide said that one of her married guys always comes to see her on a Friday. It has always been his favourite little treat to himself, and he does not seem to be able to stop. She likes the guy but sometimes she feels a bit guilty as she knows there is a wife on the scene now. It is almost like betraying somebody she says. What happens when a wife finds out? Most London escorts appreciate that this ca have dire consequences for most guys. They will ever end up in divorce court or be thrown out of their home, and told to buck up their ideas. The problem is that a lot of these guys are serial daters say London escorts, and they cannot stop dating without help. They will need professional counselling and guidance as they are suffering from addiction. Most of the time these guys find it difficult to overcome the addiction of dating London escorts and therapy can take years. I do not think that most women would be very tolerant if they found out that their husbands were dating escorts.

Am I doomed to forever date the most beautiful girls?
I don’t mind being doomed to forever date London escorts. My existence takes place on a totally different level, and I don’t think that I will ever have the time to engage in personal relationship where you are tied down. These types of relationships may appeal to somebody on a totally different level, but I am afraid that they have never appealed to me. Now, that I am in my late 40’s, I think it is to change. After all, we are creatures of habit and my habit of dating London girls will be a hard one to kick as they say. The girls at the agency are my dream girls as they stimulate both body and mind. I doubt that I would ever get that in a real life partner. The girls agree with me, they think that I am always going to be that sort of man who needs something a little bit extra. I would agree with them, and the little bit of extra that I need are my hot babes at London escorts. . I love to engage in a bit of role play, and most of the girls at London are happy to indulge my pleasures. Of course, we do not engage in just any type of role play. My favorite type of role play is student to professor. Sometimes I am the professor and my girls are the students. At other times, they are the professors and I am the student. I have to say that I find all this kind of thing very amusing, physically and mentally stimulating. …

Am I Sexually Demanding?

By / June 7, 2017

My boyfriend says I am too demanding in the bedroom, but I don’t think I am demanding at all. Many of the girls that I work with at London escorts, are getting similar kind of comments from their boyfriends. I am not sure what is going on here, but it seems that a lot of guys are not very sexuall compatible with their charlotte London escorts girlfriends. When I stop and think about it, there have been occasions when I have felt there has been a slight difference between my boyfriend’s sexual needs and my own.

It is a good thing that we all have different sexual needs. Like my boyfriend says, we would not be getting any sleep if we only focused on my sexual requirements. That is probably true. When I come home from my shift at London escorts, it tends to be rather late. Most of the time I do fancy having sex after spending the evening working for London escorts. If you like, having sex with my boyfriend does get all of my frustrations out of my system, and that helps me to sleep better.

But, my boyfriend and I do have some different ideas when it comes to good sex. I am into a little of BDSM. Nothing too much, just a little bit too remind me what life is all about like I like to say. Light BDSM has for some reason become very popular within the London escorts community, and many of my colleagues at London escorts seem to enjoy a bit of BDSM. The funny thing is that we are all having a problem getting our partners interested in BDSM. So, instead of worrying about our partners, we girls get together to have some fun.

Most people have a varied range of sexual needs. The gents that I meet up with at London escorts vary in ages from about 25 to 60, and when they speak about their needs, I realise that our sexual needs also vary throughout our lives. When we become a little bit older, we sort of seem to become a lot braver when it comes to sex. Letting go is not such a big deal, and I think many of us create our own sexual fantasy land. It is great and at the moment I am trying to do just so with my boyfriend.

Am I kinky? I don’t think that I am kinky, but my boyfriend says I am a little bit kinky. But then again, I think a lot of my girlfriends at London escorts are kinkier than I am. They do things like go to swingers parties. I would love to go, but at the moment, I have not picked up enough sexual bravery to do so. One day I am sure I will indeed go to a swingers party. When I hear about the parties, I have to admit that they sound really good. But I am not sure it is for me at this moment in time. My boyfriend would probably not be so keen to go, and I also think that I really don’t have the time at the moment. Perhaps swinging will be one of my future sexual needs… you never know.…

Too Expensive to Date London Escorts? I Don’t Think So!

By / May 23, 2017

I have been working with London escorts for about four years now, and I love it. But, recently a few of my regular gents have started to say that it is too expensive to date London escorts. The first time I heard it, I found it very hard to believe, and I really thought that I was hearing things wrong, but it was right. The gent standing in front of me thought that it was too expensive to date London escorts, and I found that amazing.

Most of the girls who work London escorts services offer great a great service and I think that telling us that it is too expensive to date London escorts, is just cheeky. We even offer outcall escorts services at very reasonable prices, and I am pretty sure that you would not get outcall charlotte action escorts services for the prices we offer them at. But, it seems that cheap London escorts are all in, but I would encourage gents to check what they are getting from cheap escorts in London. Are they actually getting a good service?

It is all very well asking for lower prices from London escorts but there is no way that we can carry on delivering that kind of service that we are doing at lower prices. It is not cheap to live and work in London, and I do think that a lot of gents that I date forget to take that into account when it comes to dating. I pay a lot of money for the rent on my London escorts boudoir, and on top of that I I have to do outcall for London escorts.

Mind you, I don’t think it is only London escorts that suffer. Many other business in London seem to be coming across the same problem. When I went to the hairdressers the other day, she told me that most people now only come in on special offers. That is great for them, but my hairdresser cannot afford to do special offers all of the time. It is a bit like me doing two dates for the price of one – I am not the Tesco of the London escorts service. There would be no point in me working if that was the case.

I think that we are very much adopting what I call an “ American deal” culture here in the UK. We want everything at a lower price , or part of an offer. Yet, when we are abroad where they bargain, we are frightened of asking for a better deal. It beats me. Like I have started to say to the gents that I meet at London escorts, we offer a professional service. I am sorry if they can’t afford, but if that is the case, they should consider dating less or even making sure that they have got their priorities right. I am happy to date, but I will only ever deliver what I would call a quality service. Otherwise, what is the point!…

Where To Find The Finest London Escorts

By / April 26, 2017

London has one of the most thriving escort scenes in the world, so it should be easy to find a suitable girl, right? Well, sure it is! There are thousands of full and part-time escorts offering adult services and it’s never been easier to arrange a date. Of course, there are escorts, good escorts, and the best escorts available. No point in opting for second best when you could spend the same on an escort who will truly blow your mind! Let’s look at some of the best ways to find escorts in London who offer a truly premier service.

As mentioned, London has a dazzling escort scene packed with international flavor. No matter what you’re looking for, you can be sure to find a suitable date in this truly cosmopolitan global city. As would be expected the elite escorts – those who offer a different class of service – operate via professional agencies that arrange in and out calls at your discretion.

While it’s always a good idea to do your homework, and arrange a date in advance there are so many escorts based across the capital that spur of the moment dates can usually be sorted out with very little notice. When you check out these websites (we’ll list a few of the best shortly) one thing will hit you right away. These girls have professional standard modeling portfolios. Seriously, we’re talking centerfold quality beauty here.

There’s no reason why you should be stuck in your hotel, bored after a day’s business trip, and within a couple of hours be on a girlfriend experience with a jaw-dropping beauty on your arm. Or you could stay in and watch TV….

Those new to the wonderful world of escort services often feel a little apprehensive at first. This is exactly why it’s best to go with a true pro. Girls listed on these agency sites are carefully vetted to ensure that they are consummate professionals. Still have any doubts? The best sites will also feature extensive review sections, where previous clients will explain how their gorgeous escort gave them the time of their life. It’s all totally legit and above board – prices are clear, standards explained and dates arranged.

So – which are the best sites/agencies to use for finding beautiful London escorts?

Charlotteaction ( is a very good place to start. Anyone doubting that these girls are genuine model quality – just look at this site to see what delights are on offer. They’ll not just show you some tempting professional photo sets, but also mobile and web contact details to arrange a date. Conveniently they also show which areas of London the escort covers.

London UK Escorts ( is another great site that offers a truly international range of beauties to pick between. One or two of the girls featured here also work in the movie biz, so if it’s a porn star experience you’re planning then this is a great place to start.

Perfect London Escorts ( offers an excellent review section so you know exactly what to expect from your date! Its reviews provided by punters, for punters and as may be expected it’s a good idea to book the top-rated ladies in advance as demand is high.…

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